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April 28, 2008


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Definetly a giant of an 8 pointer! It's amazing how one deer can consume a hunter(s) and it becomes a quest.

One good thing is that his offspring are roaming the woods and maybe someday you guys will have a chance a one of them.

Regardless, the deer has provided you with memories to relive and stories to tell.

Isn't that what hunting really boils down to?

Thanks for sharing your story.


That's a great buck! I bet he spread the seed around a little. Let's hope you get to see his offspring, Mike and Cliff.

Ain't it soemthing how these animals take over our psyche? I'm hunting a couple of bucks myself and they aren't ever very far from my thoughts even in the "off season".

There's a line from "A River Run's Through It" (one of my all-time favorite books/movies) that I apply not only to my beloved fly fishing but to my deer hunting as well. It's very simple but, man, does it ever capture my feelings about chasing whitetails. "I am haunted by waters".

yes, and "haunted by a drop-tine..."

Yes, Mike, you are.

I seem to be haunted by my trail cam photos of a couple of nice bucks.

I forgot to email you about my dream. It fits in this dicussion a little so I'll tell it here. I dreamt that I was hunting and not seeing any nice bucks (yeah, I know, that's reality, not a dream). I realized that the big bucks were ghosts and were around me all of the time but I could only see them by taking their pictures with my trail cams.

I have some problems, I know.

hope these two can stalk the off spring of this monster for years to come.

Great sheds, good story Cliff, and cute picture, nice post

I emailed Boone and Crockett once out of curiosity of the highest recorded typical 8pters. They are 180 3/8 net score. That is what i am after, mike it is my "drop tine". Is the buck dead? i didnt get that from the post...

Great story and giant buck. Would have loved to seen the rack on the deer after one of you shot it lol. Cute little girl by the way and the shirt made me laugh :)



Why do so many whitetail hunters disrespect the buck stopping ability of the Marlin 30/30???
I own a few different deer guns, but my Marlin 30/30 topped with a nice generic 3-9x40 scope is my favorite, and not just for sentimental reasons.
The 30/30 Win. cartridge has put more venison tenderloin on the table than probably any other cartridge, but the gun that fires it is often referred to as a "youth gun". Maybe it's just a matter of personal preference, but the Marlin 30/30 deserves more respect in my humble opinion.

What do you think Mike?

By the way, Winchester Whitetail Revolution is the best show on TV. Winchester Turkey Revolution is a VERY close second. Keep up the great work.

Thanks a lot.

V, I think it's just a sign of the times and "progress," with bolt-actions having dominanted the last 30 years, the lever has been pushed to the back burner. But the new Marlins and the .308 have rekindled some of that interest. Also, there is a sort of ridiculous trend toward all these modern long-range cartridges today that a medium-round like the 30/30 gets forgotten. But real hard-core hunters like me know you're right, the 30/30 has put a lot of backstrap on the table. My Dad shot a lof of bucks with his 30/30 and he handed it down to me and I used it when I was growing up. Thansk for your suport!

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