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March 26, 2008


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I'm glad the guy got busted. But does anyone think a guy like that goes hunting or even if he does bothers to buy a lisence?
America has allowed an entire generation OR 2 to have little or no thoughts about their actions rather than calling a kid to task for them. In doing so they allowed an attitude of " I can do anything I wish and not worry about the future , 'cause it pleases me to do it"....
Prime example of spare the rod spoil the child!!!!!

I don't understand why pulling his "hunting license" privleges were part of the punishment. This guy wasn't "hunting". He was just being an ass.

This does reflect a major problem in society of kids being raised by parents who are so busy with jobs and their own lives that (in many instances) the kids are left to raise themselves.

How many kids do we all know of that have been in day care centers and/or home alone (when they were too old to go to daycare) while Mom and Dad were both working.

Sometimes it can't be helped. Other times, Mom and Dad were just too busy wanting more stuff, didn't really want to be home with their kids or just wanted new lives.

Is this what happened here? Who knows. I have seen it happen in many cases and if you ask any teacher what the kids really want from their parents, it's not a new toy.

They just want our time.


While I agree that many kids these days are raising themselves because Mom and/or Dad work (my daughter is in full-time daycare in fact), I'm not sure how we made the leap from "24-Year-Old Runs Down Antelopes" to "His Parents Didn't Give Him Enough Attention." Perhaps there's more information regarding this story that I haven't read.

At any rate, kudos to Wyo. for doling out a fairly stiff punishment. Although Big Daddy is probably right; it's unlikely the lack of a license will stop a guy like this from hunting if he wants to. Unfortunately.


I'm not saying this is what happened. I was just responding to Big Daddy's post and I think it may have something to do with it.

But as I said in my post, quote "Is this what happened? Who knows?". This guy might have had two great parents and still turned out to be a putz.


Just another example of hornography.

If I would have had one guess of what town in Wyoming that happened in before reading on, it would have been "The Rock" That place is such a hole! The meth is out of control there, needless to say it's a rough crowd up there.
If your passing through keep going and gas up in Green River.

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