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March 21, 2008


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Hey Mikey,

Maybe you should bring out your own brand of hunting boots and call them "Air Hanbacks"! ;)


I've had a big buck sniff out my rubber boots before, they can smell the rubber scent on the ground. This was probably a 4.5 year old 140 class 8 point in early October. He was nosing around for acorns on a two track and caught the rubber boot scent before I could get him in range for an arrow.

Careful Mike, you might break a hip before spring turkey.......

Mike, you have mad hops! You play college ball?

I don't pay attention to sign too much during deer season, although I do like to play with scrapes (both mock and existing). This past season in Indiana I witnessed many different bucks rub-urinating in scrapes. This is a sign that I've never seen here until recently. The improved herd and buck:doe ratio has made this type of sign/activity much more prevalent. To me, this is part of why I hunt and love whitetails so much; just to enjoy watching them do their thing in nature.

As far as scrapes? I love to juice them up with real deer urines and my own. Deer don't know the difference between human urine, deer urine, and/or coyote. Let 'er fly!

....just wanted to add that I'm not afraid to approach scrapes because I go to great lengths to eliminate/hide my own scent, and so don't worry about it. I wait 'til the end of the season to check out rubs, and take pictures of them.

Are you stupid or something. Do you really want to get a running start to jump over a deer trail? What if he is standing over near where you are well now that won't really matter because he is going to blow out of there after the elephant has got over the trail without leaving his scent but has successfully broken every stick in the woods. Well now you can be proud, you are all morons congrats.

Some people are just ate up with the stupid. Good luck learning new tactics, David.

glad u got a kick out of it hanbck i try to keep my hunt as low impact whenever possible thanx for another great tip to add to my arsenal

Mike, Awesome Jump!!! Do you mark trials so you dont walk on them in the morning? I think its a cool idea :) Dave

Excellent, Mike, excellent. You bow guys crack me up. Not dising you, you all are just funny. I have upmost respect for all of you but ya'll just go to the most extreme extremes.

Just read another website by Trinity Mountain that said that deer move earlier when the trees have leaves and later when they do not. Funny. I hunt where the trees are all pines,for the most part, so it doesn't make any difference. And, that exhaust from trucks and cars move deer further into the woods and the sight of cars will, too. Where I hunt trucks and heavy equipment are moving up and down the roads of our lease constantly from the timber operations going on. People are walking around all year long. It's hard to figure that a buck would know the difference between me and a timber guy walking up a caliche road. Like I meant to say, different country takes different tactics and some things just don't make that much difference.

Also, I can't tell you how many times a truck has driven right by my blind and 10 seconds later a deer walks out on the road. Sorry, didn't mean to post so much.

As a guide, I usually use bright-eyes leading a path to the early morning treestand. They are also marking the best, least resistance way into my stand and come into my stand in correlation of the wind I am using to hunt the stand...so any scent I leave is downwind of my stand which we obviously expect the least amount of deer and not triggering a defensive response to any deer that are coming the route I want them to use for that particular stand. I usually point out any trails with my light and instruct my hunters to take big steps over them. It all helps.

To David who called me and all of us morons. Well, glad you know it all and don't want to try some new and extreme stuff; also, I assume that since you are such a great hunter you know to constantly suvey the woods for deer so you don't walk too close, right? hell, I never said to trail jump without looking and listening to what is all around you. i accept that you disagree, that is fine, but don't like smart-ass name calling on the blog

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