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March 05, 2008


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Mike: I can have another in the group see my patients in November for 3 weeks or so...do you want some company? BD

BD, let's go!

Mike- Snow machine to a spot? Sounds AWESOME!!! That dark rack is crazy too!

It would be a Killer situation (pun intended) to have some sort of blog hunt get together. Those interested in the hunt you get together all meet at a camp of your chosen at the price you work out with a guide or landowner. We would have a blast at camp then go over maps and maybe we could get some event donations like GPS, Tree stands, Camo, optics, targets and man could we have some fun. Those that attend the event right a summary of the gear they used and what they thought and their experience. Not being selfish- you get the gear back to use the next time you plan another get together! It could even be a public land thing and show how even those with out property can connect using tools like Arial maps, topo maps and funnels on the everyday hunters budget. Sound cool yet?

It could even be a hunt with a buddy thing where we draw names for our hunting partner or you pair us up with a buddy. We would meet new friends, test out new hunting accessories, share stores and advice….. it would really be a lot of fun. Maybe you could get Verses involved and it could be taped and featured. I guess I am dreaming but it would be a lot of fun for us “normal hunters” that blog all the time on your awesome site Mike !!!  ~ Dave

Dave, sounds cool. actually have got in the plans to do more hunt/product giveaways and such as I build my new site...one idea is spread some optics, etc. around to you bloggers and do some field tests, stay tuned

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