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March 31, 2008


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pretty cool that mr. deem got the cam photo and hunted the monster for a month. one thing, isn't it amazing how much bigger a rack looks in a cam picture than one the ground? i mean 208 is huge, but doesn't it look a lot bigger on the buck's head?

JJ, yes the old ground shrink, and especially magnified when a monster is in the velvet like that

Some would comment "what a waste that no hunter harvested him legally", I'm just pleased a buck like that lived long enough to grow such a fine rack.
Regardless of how he met his death he was a fine looking buck while alive.
I once found a 12 pt I had watched grow for 4 years on my farm as i passed him several times with both gun and bow. He seemed to have been killed by another buck during the rut..though I have no proof. I was really upset cause I had thought of him as "my buck" that I was allowing to mature. After I'd thought on it awhile I began to realize that buck had given me much more enjoyment during his lifetime as I watched him grow than he would ever have given me mounted on the wall. He scored 179 3/8 net.

He's a question brought up by this article. How does a Conservation Officer get off most of November to deer hunt? Isn't that the "busy time"?

It's always sad to find a fine buck like that dead.

I would imagine it may have been a spotlighter as that is definetly a growing problem in many areas.


Can we get an answer to Biq Daddy's Question?

While velvet does indeed tend to make a summer rack seem bigger I feel that this buck is every bit as big as the velvet pictures make him out to be. But, then again, I've seen more pictures of the buck from different angles. The picture Hanback posted doesn't do it justice, because you really can't see it real well.

The fact that the buck's face, head, etc. appear to be "buried" down into the brush/weeds quite a ways, coupled with the fact that the carcass has decomposed quite a bit suggests that the buck might have died back in the fall. This could very well mean that a poacher's bullet may have taken the buck's life.

If this is true, it illustrates the need for stiffer penalties levied against illegal poachers. I know of several sad stories where poachers that have been caught and even plead guilty are let off the hook for reasons that are pure garbage. I also know of bucks that have been found to be taken illegally that the IDNR never even investigated. Why? Couldn't tell you.

I know I.C.O Deem is passionately against poaching of all kinds. They need the help of all law abiding hunters across the land.

One other point: We deer hunters can agree to disagree about proper deer management, etc. etc., but the true "criminal" in modern deer hunting continues to be those indiscriminate individuals who are out there trying to cheat and manipulate these magnificant animals.

I think I heard Jim Shockey say this, "Damn the poacher man!!"

i have good friends who are conservation officers, and they get plenty of time to hunt. Nov. (deer season) is obviously pretty busy, but the vast majority of the work deals with the weekend warriors, giving them plenty of time to get out into a treestand during the middle part of the week.

Sure they get some time off but this guy said he took off most of November to hunt this buck. Isn't the fall...Nov rut the peak of deer related activities such as rutting and poaching? Doesn't seem kosher to me that a C.O. would voluntarily take off to hunt most of that season then wonder if/why/how a buck was poached.

Big Daddy, this guy found the buck on the property that he personally hunts! Come on man! Give the man a chance to explain himself before you jump to conclusions.

Dean: I am doing that,he stated "I took off most of November to hunt that buck and never saw him..."
My question is what agency entrusted with over seeing any resource allows it's employees to take off most of a month during the height of business? Then the agent questions why law breakers are able to run rampant.
Am I the only one whom sees the irony in that?

It never fails. You try to share a great buck on the internet and rather than appreciate it, anonymous people have to question whether or not it was photoshopped, poached or in this case why you should even be allowed to hunt.

Bigdaddy, people who know me know that during deer season if I'm not hunting, I'm working. By saying I took most of November off, probably refers more to not working second jobs (which I have to do to make ends meet) and not being involved in other projects that I do. Being a CO is not just a job, but a way of life, I'm always working. You can google me and probably find some of the high profile deer cases I have made.

Now do I take some vacation in November? I sure do and I'm entitled to that. There are 4 officers in the county I work and believe it or not, the summer time is our busiest time because of the 101 lakes we have in our county. If you look you may also find what my vacation is usually used for in November. It's to organize and sponser a deer hunt for terminally ill children from all over Indiana and a few other states that I started 5 years ago.

Don't be so fast to judge someone. Believe me, I'm like every other Gamewarden, I spend plenty of time out risking my life, protecting our wildlife, while you are sleeping at night.

John good for you.
You never once mentioned your organizing a deer hunt for the terminally ill, or your working several jobs to make ends meet...you said you were hunting this buck most of Nov....you said that not me.

It's a one paragraph email with a couple pictures..don't be so fast to judge.

"don't be so fast to judge" imagine that comment coming from a C.O.

Now I understand. If I had known what your issue was from the begining, I wouldn't have bothered defending myself.

You don't understand a thing and if you hadn't made such a foolish comment you wouldn't have anything to defend.
FTR you may be surprized to know I was a DGW then with the name change a DWCO for many years myself..also I do say while you seem to have a been making an effort for a few weeks each fall to give something to the terminally ill, if it wasn't for my doing for them 365 days a year sometimes 20 hrs a day they wouldn't be here for you to set up hunts for.
'nough said..I'll give you the last word

I don't see anything foolish in what I.C.O Deem stated.

it gets sickening "listening" to people cock off on blogs.

Sorry for your loss John. Finds like give you so many mixed emotions.

I have a couple of friends that work for the department of conservation and hunt nearly every morning at the end of their shift. During deer season they spend many countless nights using decoy deer set-ups and driving backroads to catch poachers.

I am glad you get to spend us much time in the woods as you do John. For all you do to support our great sport and the many other species and wildlife you protect it would of been really cool for you to get that buck!

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