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March 17, 2008


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hate to say it hanback, but i do see the resemblance, lol

isn't it interesting that celebrities can bash God's word (Gen. 9:2,3)but spend the better part of their life in a drug induced haze..................no wonder they have such clarity on all issues in life............
what a joke...........by the way he is the most over rated musician in the last 40 years

BTW you look like a red blooded american, not a tree hugging peta minded euro weenie!!

Wow! Now that you mention it Mike, can you sing...just wondering. Maybe we could start how own band and call it The Roaches. :)
Oh ya, the radio gets turned off when the Beatles come on. Never liked 'em.

Maybe just a little, Mike.

I have always liked the MUSIC of the Beatles and Wings. Never have cared for them personally, though. I like the way Flatlander puts it..."euroweenie". Ha-ha.

Paul thinks the fish values it's life as much as he does? Man, you'd think someone as successful as he is would have a greater sense of self-worth. Maybe his self-worth is down about $50 million today?

It cracks me up how people value what celebrities have to say about animals and the environment, especially when you consider the fact that most celebrities live in giants homes (and own usually more than one home) that took massive amounts of natural resources to build (and took the animals homes away) and takes huge amounts of natural resourses to heat and cool, but that's okay.

The hypocrisy of it all, Yeah,Yeah,Yeah!!!!


i see no resemblence?

Hey Mike, you DO look a little like old Paulie. Much more manly though. Must be the face paint and camo. I bet he will never marry again without a prenup!! Not smart. I have never liked the Beatles or their music. Very over rated. Apparently his ex wife's financial intentions were very under rated. The way I look at it, if God did not want us to eat animals, He would not have made them out of meat. Celebrities need to quit whining about animals and take care of their own problems. Drugs, alcohol, divorce, kids, gambling, etc. By the way,only six short months until the archery opener in South Dakota. Counting down the days. Love the new blog and keep up the good work.

Any body who has any link to PETA is a frieken loser. I'll be boycotting all his sh#t. SCREW 'EM....

Mike maybe a little heavier version but I think your alright as far as look alikes go. I always liked the beatles but the new gig about him not likin fish dont cut it with me. He's an IDIOT! So I take it his new album will be called fins not wings?

It ain't so!!!

Sorry to say it but I have always thought you look like paul. I definetly prefer the stones to the beatles but I like Wings quite a bit.

Hey Hanback,

The next time you are told you look like Sir Paul, take advantage of it. Tell them you are him and ask them to buy you a beer or two. Tell them the one legged gold digger fleeced you out of your beer money.


beatles where way before my time so i have no harsh felling about hate that pro PETA SOB. P.S. Just ate some fresh caught walleye from ice fishing damn good

Mike, If you look like Paul McCartney then I look like George Clooney. Let one of the greatest popular songwriters of all time be. Yeah .... Let it Be. Oh, and the flight attendant, she just wants to check your weapon!

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