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March 26, 2008


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wow, didn't know u had that quality of bucks in NJ, at least not that many, that;s good hunting richard!

the racks are good, but show me the Kegerator LOL!!

Awesome display of "hornography" right there.

Seems the ultimate Antler Worshipping Alter.

Somebody say the oath...

"I am a man, and I can chase, giant whitetail bucks, if I choose...

Hornography? Don't think so Dean. Looks like a bunch of guys just having a good time.

I doubt these guys are pen hunting, being led to and from their stands, and paying thousands of dollars for the "right" to kill a genetically enhanced trophy deer, just so some hack from a magazine might write an article about them.

I don't see that here @ all. Matter of fact, looks like these guys are true hunters and very good ones @ that.



"Hornography"...play on "pornography"...

and you flip it like someone is saying they are pen hunting?

Dude...get over yourself...

And just who is a hack?

Are you implying that Hanback is a hack?

The contributing writers of NAW?

What about the low-life, scumbag, creep, hacks that lurk around message boards and have nothing but bad things to say about anything and everything...how about those HACKS...Jimbo...


I didn't raise the hornography issue on this post. Dean did. I tried to pay these hunters a well deserved compliment. I think it's pretty obvious these guys are the real deal in every sense of the word.

As far as flipping words around, I think you need to look in the mirror on that one. I hardly think Mike is a hack and I didn't mention anyone @ NAW magazine. Your words, not mine.

So you and I disagree. Big deal! You have your opinions and I have mine. That's what makes the world go around.

Have a nice evening.



Please do two things then...

1) explain how "hornography" equals pen hunting.

2) explain who these "hacks" are you are talking about.

If you are going to throw general terms around like that, you must have something behind them.

It's not that I disagree with you. I don't know what there is to disagree with you about when you don't know what a word means, and start calling people names. It's nothing as complicated as disagreeing, it's that I just can't get my brain to slow down enough to work at your level. So please...help me.


The post speaks for itself. I was writing in general terms and for whatever reason you decided to try and assign names or magazine titles to further your diatribe.

Based on your last sentence of two, it's obvious you just want to start a little feud because you don't like my choice of words.

If you wish to debate a certain subject that's fine. If you want to play the Hatfields vs McCoys you'll just have to play with yourself.

Have a nice day.


hornography in the sense that if it has horns (antlers) they'll probably shoot it. but who cares. i think the moral of the story is that they have a kick ass set up for cleanin deer and drinkin beer with all of their buddies at an excellent little venue.

"...the moral of the story is that they have a kick ass set up for cleanin deer and drinkin beer with all of their buddies at an excellent little venue..." well said JoshD and exactly how I took it the first time I saw it/read it.

With that said let me explain something to stave off further confusion.

I am a jokester. I go on several sites and hear all kinds of stuff. I heard the term "hornography" several years ago and the person whom introduced the term to me was referring to people like me, Hanback, and other whitetail hunters/writers who are "only interested in horns", etc. You know the routine.

Ever since then I've always taken the opportuntiy to bash the term at every opportunity. Personally, I think it's a ridiculous term. To compare deer hunting, in any sense, with pornography is just plain silly. Enough about that.

There are also people who consider us hunters who are into mature buck hunting as "antler worshippers". So, I also like to poke fun at that term as well.

Somewhere along the line I decided that "hornography" and "antler worshippers" are somehow linked...albeit in a comical sort of way.

On one site I go to I started a big buck hunter's oath modeled after the one at the end of the Red Green Show. You remember it goes like this..."I am a man, and I can change, if I try, I think... AMEN"!!

When I first saw this entry I couldn't help but think that the folks who are into "antler worshipping" and "hornography" (or, rather, who are against it) might look at one of the pictures above as being the Holy Grail of Antler/Hornography Worship.

It was all meant as a joke. Sorry if I offended any one of the NJ deer hunters. My joke post was meant as only that...a joke.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with folks who shoot, eat, display, share, manage for, and generally "show off" their monster bucks. Humans have been trying to shoot monster bucks since the beginning of time. It just seems that so many folks get their feathers all ruffled because many human beings are into producing and shooting huge racked whitetail bucks in the modern age.

My message is GET OVER IT FOLKS!!! We're living in the Golden Age of deer hunting. Go out there and enjoy it man!

With all that said I would like to congratulate the NJ hunters for producing "the ultimate antler worshipping center". LOL!! You guys are producing some fine bucks and doing things the right way. Keep 'er up!!

Now, repeat after me..."I am a man...."

oh, and about the soil comment(s) (i see others like it on other posts about Iowa). There is no doubt that soil is the reason for good crops and good healthy deer, but don't use it for an excuse for there not being monsters in a lot of other areas. in most of the areas us whitetail nuts are from the soil/resources are good enough to produce big stud bucks. if enough bucks are allowed to make it to maturity, then there'll be some gaggers running around (unless the area is exceptionally poor).

Josh, I think you meant to post that soil comment on the other thread?

But, yes, you're right!

woops, yep, i did. thanks, dean!

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