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March 01, 2008


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Wow....If a buck has drop main beams, I wonder at what age this begins. Is it a genetic thing, does it have to do with age? And drops, what age ,why, genetic? Im boggled, somebody learn me.

Very cool! Tons of character and mass!


Awesome buck anywhere in the continent! Hanback, how much agriculture is in Virginia?

Awesome buck. I saw one very similar last season here in Virginia. HUnting Bedford Co. I posted on the "overnight" blog about it. I never had shot a shot at anything but his rack lol. He was slipping through a thicket and all I oculd see was his head every now and then and a HUGE rack. Tall and wide with double drops. Maybe 8 inches or so on the right straight down and a shorter one on the left. Only see one other drop tine buck in my life and that was in the middle of the city 2 miles from my house. Massive NT rack with 2 or 3 drops on each side. Had 2 other monster typicals with him and some nicer ones that I owuldn't have a problem shooting just those (BIG 8's and 10's)for the rest of my life. Like Mike, I've become obsessed with shooting a drop tine buck one day and who knows, it may happen right here in little oad VIrginia!! Dean to answer your question, depends on where you go. NOrthern Virginia is very very urban. The farther south you go for the most part the more farmland you have. NOt sure about the eastern part because I live in the central area, surrounded by Bedford, Campbell and Amherst counties for anyone who knows where they are. Bedford I know has a lot of cattle farms, not much crop growth but is absolutely beautiful if you can get away form the houses(Foothills and mountains). AMherst is very similar but with more crops I think and I'm starting to give up on hunting bedford and going to amherst because of the lack of homes. I guess it flattens out the farther east you go Dean so there may be more to the east of me than I realize. Nothing around here anyway like the huge crop farms out west though.

Posted that comment before I really looked at the pic good lol. The drop thingy on the right beam looks more like a drop tine to me. THeres is a point that turns up like a regular beam. IDK though..don't know if anyone else has really zoomed in that close to look. WHat do ya think?

Its me again!! lol just looked in the VA Game and Fish Camera Corner segment and there is another VA drop tine in there, only about 2 inches but it counts lol IT reminded me too that one farm we hunt in bedford, our group has taken 3 or 4 different bucks off it and all have broked drop tines on them, mass wise they are as big around as the other points on the racks but are only about a 1/2 inch long. We may get one this year, lookin foward to it.

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