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March 14, 2008


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Hanback quote:removable scope mounts on their muzzleloaders for the Sept. season; they walked in and out with scopes off and popped on the optics once they were on stand and hunting a buck.

People who want to cheat the system always find a way to do so.

Hanback quote:The commissioners also voted 7-0 to allow crossbows during the regular KS rifle season. The crossbow companies are happy today and the vertical bow groups are steaming I bet.

They may be, but 30+ years ago traditional archery companies were raising hell about compound bows being able to be used and how they would be the ruination of bow hunting. It didn't happen then and it won't happen now. I see crossbows becoming more and more accepted and legal for use during the regular archery season in the years to come.


Jim, i agree. I use one in Va and i don't think i've hurt the regular season. Each time Hanback blogs the x-bow topic, we get a bunch of compound hunters pissed off so I am anxious to see what this post stirs.

It seems like if they are going to "just extend the season" by allowing scoped ML, they should have the ML season the 2 weeks after the reg gun season, rather than before.

Guess where I'm going this September with my ML. Taken a new scope too.

I see nothing wrong with allowing hunters to use scopes on their muzzleloaders. Its been legal here in Virginia for years and has allowed me to successfully harvest most of the deer I have. I've never killed anything with open sights really for two reasons. Every gun I've ever gotten has a scope put on it before I ever shot it and most rifles don't come with irons anymore. Second, we don't have the time or the places to go shoot enough to become proficient with open sights. I would be willing to bet a lot of hunters are in that same situation. Its a way to help manage the deer herd, get more people, especially younsters, interested in hunting, and in my opinion will help keep the numbers of wounded deer down(not saying their won't be ANY but I feel there would be less of them).

Question for you now Mike. Here in Virginia, Bedford County is one of the best places to hunt. You look at the numbers after every season and Bedford is in the top couple of counties for both # of deer taken, and # of bucks. There is only a 2 week rifle season though, like many other counties in Virginia. Bedford is still overrun with deer and a TON of does. The state is thinking of implementing an EAB program in the next couple of years to help reduce the number of does. So my questoin is, if the lenghtened the season like it is in Campbell Co.(Mid Nov. to Januaray), don't you think that would allow more people to hunt longer in the year(especially those who don't have the finances to buy 3-4 different types of guns/bows) and help reduce the number of does? I know a lot of hunters who are taking more does anyway, and I'm going to try and do it this year, and I think a lot of people feel that way. Just wondering if you had anythoughts and what the season is like in your neck of the woods?


You know, i'm not sure where i stand exactly on the crossbow issue (if i care if they are allowed during the archery season). i bowhunt. actually, a lot, as i'm sure many on this blog do. i don't know anyone who uses a xbow and i don't think i've ever heard anyone express that they would ever even have interest. but just out of curiosity, why would one feel the need to go to any lengths to get xbows into archery season, other than for those who are physically unable to hunt with a regular bow?? again, i'm not sure where i stand at this point, but wanted to throw out the question to the xbow advocates so that i (and others who probably wonder) can try to see where you/they are coming from so i can maybe understand what the appeal is. and also, what would be a fair definition of the 'archery' season then?

Verticle bow groups should do their homework before making an argument that crossbows aren't meant in a "primitive weapon" season...crossbows have been arouns MUCH longer than any form of verticle bow.
Also a modern compound bow is no less primitive than a modern crossbow.
I use all three and enjoy the entire sport of archery.

Pa allows scoped inlines in their fall anterless MZ season,during mid October. But no scopes or inlines in their post Christmas any deer season.

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