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March 03, 2008


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Sometimes it just about the "right" acreage, not lots of acreage. The largest 8 pointer I've ever seen was on a 5 acre patch behind a friends house. That 5 acres just happened to back up to a 250 acre parcel of woods that hunting wasn't allowed on. The deer would leave that patch and head along a power line to go to the farm fields.

Congrats, Trent on a fine buck!

Trent, congrats on a great buck! That deer is awesome! Don't apologize for him being smaller than some of the bucks on here. He's awesome! I love to hear stories about good bucks taken on small parcels. I want to buy 30-50 acres but sometimes don't think it would do me much good because the larger tracts hold more deer. These stories give me hope. Anywho, great job, Trent. You 'da man!

Way to go Trent! heck of a buck and heck of a story. And, to think, I heard all summer how you'd never shoot a big buck in your "tiny little spot".

P.S. Lookin' buff in the Under Armour too kid!!! LOL!!

Congrats on your trophie, Any deer with a bow is a trophie in my book. Great deer and awesome story.

Great buck, way to stick with such a small spot and hunt hard and smart.

The last two days of October are my favorite time to hunt...good job, buddy!

i'd take a buck like that any time, any place period. way 2 go trent

Great deer. Well done. You did your homework and it paid off. Called him in like a champ! Congrats.

Thanks for the kind words guys.

Thanks to mike for posting it and for the great blog.

Awesome place here, just glad to share.

Wonderful story, and great buck!

Crestfallen? anybody have a dictionary?

Seriously, great buck and story, Trent!

Trent, awesome story. i am in a similar situation at my place. There is about 10 acres behind my house. It is hardwoods so stand placement isn't bad but i can hear the heat pump kick on from my favorite tree. I have not taken a buck like yours yet but the does tear the peice of woods up. Great Buck!

That's an awesome buck and story, Trent! Way to go! Lots of times the "right" five acres is better than huge tracts of acreage. We have 200 acres at our place and I consistently see most of the bigger bucks in two small areas (less than 10 acres).

Ditto all the comments. But you are a young'un. You will be in the woods a long time to come. Enjoy every minute of it.

Nice job Trent, great buck! I like to here the stories of bucks taken on small acreage. Smaller pices of property can produce nice bucks. My dad and i hunt on 32 acres and have been very sucsessful the last five years. I've taken a 7pt and three 8pts with bow and my dad has taken a 140" 11pt & 124" 10pt with gun. Anybody thinking about buying small acreage can do just as well if you have the right setup and put your time in scouting.

Thanks again for all the kind words guys.

I really appreciate it...

Awesome buck trent! Nice job backing out as soon as you jumped him and going back in the morning. I believe this was talked about on a recent post. I too have had a lot of success on smaller tracks of land.

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