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February 22, 2008


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That is a COOL rack!

I like to shoot let alone see a relative of his.

I see a lot of bucks that totally resemble that one right there. EHD hit S. Indiana pretty hard this past year. The liberal media keeps pumping out info. on CWD, while EHD ravages the countryside.

Nice buck!!

Those main beams are raining drops!!!!!!!

thankfully EHD hasn't been in wisconsin we really have a problem here not with cwd itself but how the good ol WDNR is handeling the situation eradication is never the solution period!!!!

Perfect example of an EHD kill. Death right at velvet drop. In GA would have been clean like that in 4-6 weeks. More food for the survivors. Nature will take care of itself, but what a waste of a great animal.

Good point Mack. EHD is Mom Nature doing her "dirty work". Overpopulated herds will be hit hardest.

A nice find, but a shame it wasn't harvested during hunting season. Were the teeth with the skull? How old was the buck?

Cool find but it would of been so much sweeter to find those sheds then the skull. Chad, I see you got a tag for the rack... good deal and you got to keep it!!

I am currently living in SE, PA and saw three nice bucks still carring their racks this evening.

I agree about EHD. It tends to hit overpopulated deer herds and is natures way of thining the herd.

The herds in Southern Indiana will be fine. I've seen plenty of deer in Washington and Orange counties since the season ended.


I don't know if any of you noticed but if you click on the pic to enlarge it, there is another smaller buck skull in the front of the truck bed. Think it's the same kind of story?

Most likely Cody.

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