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February 07, 2008


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Good advice Mike.

Last weekend, we moved two ladder stands, repaired a third and marked out a food plot on a new piece of property.

The weekend before, we rescouted a different piece and found a new tree to put a stand in based on sign during the gun season and now (fifty yards makes a huge difference). We also took out two other stands and put them in the barn for use next year.

I'm 47 so age isn't the issue, it's a mindset. My advice is make time for the things you love to do for you never know when you won't be able to do them anymore.


was looking for some good whitetail backgrounds for my computer and came accross a website that has some beautiful photos of some phenomenal bucks..unfortunately I can't copy them bc they're copyrighted..if any of you have a spare minute check it out..probably not true wild bucks but give it a look anyway bc they are truly magnificent..www.georgebarnettphoto.com..P.S.->on the first page of the deer pictures..in the pile of photos all the way to the right 3rd down..it is a GIANT typical framed buck but chech out the neck and body on that sucker!! HUUUGE deer

also Mike, go to that website and the second page, top row rightin the middle and there is your DROP CLUB!!

hanback seems to say get off our asses and hunt harder if you want a bigger buck--he's right!

Right on Mike!
I just can't seem to get past Miss February. That would be your fault. Wonder if she would take...my brother hunting. Hmmm.

I'm getting older (52) and enjoy sitting on my ass more now than before...occasionaly I kill a nice rat.

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