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February 25, 2008


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Almost looks like Tiffany.

I think I just blew a fuse!!!

Nice.....I hope to bag a whitetail with a rack like that!!

That Rack would make Boone and Crockett for sure :>

I could just sit and admire her form all day!!


Really, fellas? I enjoy the heck out of this blog but it's usually better than this.

Send your pic in.


I recon my grandkids won`t join the Blog Mike.

Dont blame Mike for that speciman's form.

Beautiful form right there!!

Just goes to show that this sport is for everyone.

Mike- I enjoy all the pics of guys holding bucks, but its nice seeing a female enjoying the sport as much as us. 1 out of like 10-20 posts that you do may feature a woman, not distastful.

But where's the drop tine?

I hope there is NO drop tine on that beauty. That is one type of rack you don't want any "non-typical" stuff growing off the same body on Lol

We always like what we cannot have!!!


I wonder what her "arrows" are tipped with?

Just wanted to say Adios` Mike-and no, I`m certainly not against viewing beautiful women, it`s just not what I come here for. And my comment about the grandkids was genuine also.

You still have a great Blog-keep up the good work man.

Mike, It is never good to loose a blogger......dang.....Don't worry I called three good friends and they checked out the blog today and said with good stuff like you've been posting thay are commited for life!!!! -1 and +3!!!! I'll take that ALL day!!!! We are with you...love the blog and looking forward to the new add ons.


Come on G Russell, what is wrong with the photo, leave a good site for a pic of a gal shooting a bow, she has clothes on...Keep em coming Mike, we love it! I saw this pic a few months ago, there was a second of her drawing on a 3-d target, find that one!

String slap !

G Russell what do you do when the newspaper runs underwear or swimsuit ads, cancel your subscription?

Those are some good pointers for proper bow shooting technique

Hey Ian,
The rack would definetly make Bone and Crotchet!

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