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February 28, 2008


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Heck- wait till you're 60, Mike. Would love to do that, and I did a long time ago. I do go deep and take all day sometimes, but even if I am in shape, at 60 it takes a little more out of me and a little more recovery time. I remember when.............

I've owned Lone Wolf hang on stands for about 7 years now and they do make a quality product!

The new deal from lone wolf looks tailor made for the situation you describe, but not for an "old guy" like me. In addition to the lone wolfs, I've found myself using ladders more and more. I'm definetly on the backside of my deer hunting career.


I'll have that to compliment my Lone Wolf alpha hand climber next season. There are a couple places where there are no straight trees for my climber that I will use it in. You can't beat Lone Wolf for innovation and quality, worth the cost. I've had my climber for over 7 seasons now with no problems (one set of new belts). No permanent stands for me!

The older I get the more I let deer walk...passed on 3 bucks last archery/Mz seasons that would score better than 150" net, "way back in"...seems I get just as much out of a thrill of knowing I had them under 25 yds....
I'll keep to my wuss ladder and lace a few fat does closer to the road when I want meat.

I am almost 100% w/ you BD. Would have to think awhile if 150 or more walked up- Bam-zip!

Bid D - PLEASE take a camera with you into the woods and get some good pics of those 150+ bucks you are letting walk all over you. I can't wait to see a line like that with a pic attached saying, "look what I passed on boys". Who passes on a NET 150??
Big Daddy and who else? WOW!!!!


Oh, and thanks for the laugh!!!! I needed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats funny don3, real funny,ha ha ha ha I want to see pictures too!!!! Im still looking for my 150 and he's passing on them.

Hell, I'll probably be a 150 before I kill one.


I bet "big daddy's" cull bucks go 150 or better.

I hunt out of a summit climber most of the time, ladder stands occasionally..I don't think I'd trust the screw in steps though. Use them to hold my backpack and bow in the tree and I can push on them with my arm and feel them move, not too encouraging. I love the Summit stand though. It works great if you can find a straight enough tree. I actually feel safer in that stand when I climb and old poplar tree than I do in my ladder stand. I'm 18 and kinda scrawny (6ft tall and only about 150 lbs) and draggin a deer out can sometimes be a little tiresome for me but I've never complained about because its all part of the hunt. We don't hunt anywhere that requires us to go deep back in the woods though. We just lost the biggest farm we can hunt(just under 700 acres) to developers. Now the biggest weve got is around 300. I'm starting to think about hunting the National Forest this year like my uncle does. He goes out between 2 and 3 in the morning so he can get to his stand by daybreak. That my friends is a hike. A true love for hunting. He has killed some mice ones where he hunts too which makes it even more inticing. ANyone on here hunt nat'l forest in Va? Jw if yall had any input on the idea.

ya at 53 I'll stick with the vipor for going deep.

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