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February 21, 2008


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WOW!!! Amazing brow tines is right!!! I love the hooked drop tine. This buck has mad character. All I can say is ....Texas!!! Only a few of us are on a path that will cross with a giant like that.
Hanback, How do you pose a deer with his head up like that for a pic. I see this pose on a regular basis, however, how it is done eludes me. Please share.


WOW, what a hoss!!! I bet his brows increased his score by 20 points or more. This is what I like to see. This is the reason i check this site everyday. I like your site the way it is. A little change never hurt nobody though. We will see what you come up with.

Oh yeah.. Im also interested in how they keep his head up. Good question D3.

crazy browtine length wish we could find some of those gentics on the farm

That is an awesome buck. But to be honest, the first thing that crossed my mind was not how big the deer is but how they get the deer's head to stay up like that for the picture. Unbelievable buck, but I must know, how do you do the head thing???

Maybe they tied clear fishing line around the antlers on each side and tied it to an overhanging branch. Just a thought on what might work.

I dont think there is a such thing as an over hanging branch in Texas. You can pretty much see over the tops of all the bushes, I mean trees.JK

I too would like to know how to pose a deer like that. I posed both of the ones I killed this year and one of my brothers by tucking the front legs under the body and spreading the back legs out flat. Makes the shoulder area look bigger and you don't have to worry about the dress wound. Much cleaner, much better pictures than previous ones.

There is more than likely a short stick holding his shoulders up off the ground. In my experience, the deer can be put up in a garage or back of a truck overnight, with the head, ears, and neck tied by fishing line, twine, etc. into a position such as that and left to sit overnight...the deer stiffens over the night and holds that pose after the line or twine is removed. Obvioulsy, one has to be sure it is cool enough that the deer meat won't spoil...not sure how Texas nights work in the fall, so can't speak for it. In, MT, the carcass will usually freeze lightly while outside in the fall. That is just what we do here. Oh, you can use windex and paper towels to clean up the nose, mouth and such, a comb or brush for the hide, and one can acquire fake eyes that resemble a brown, hard contact and make the deer look "fresh"....
then again, Chad could be right too. We've done that before.

Oh...the fake contacts/eyes can be acquired at you local taxidermist usually. Most of the big wigs use them; Primos, Mossy Oak, etc.

He's propped up on a rock...you can see it behind him...

that guy looks like the same guy that shot that "400 lb deer" that keeps circulating doesnt he?

I zoomed in on the picture and now I can see that he is leaning up against a rock.

First of all, Dirty, this picture was obviously taken in South Texas. Please note the cactus and blackbrush on the right. There's lots of mesquite trees down there so there's the possibility that clear fishing line was used, along with the rock, to hold his head up. Secondly, where I hunt, in E. Texas, there's so many pine trees it's a forest that goes from Beaumont/Houston to Texarcana. So don't judge all of Texas as one brush covered plain. It's just not so. The hill country is just that: oak and cedar covered rock hills and the Transpecos region is lechugilla and cactus. All regions hold a vast quantity of deer.

The next comment is on the deer itself. I'll guarantee you that deer came from a commercial hunting property. That buck cost the shooter an arm and a leg to kill. I'd bet $5 thousand or more.

Roger, FYI, I'm not judging anybody.I live here in Texas. And I'm origanally from Arkansas, I go through "Texarkana" every time I go home. I hunt both states. I'm familiar with the areas i'm refering to. I was just joking. But, I think the theory of the fishing string tied to cactus or blackbush or mesquite is pretty funny. Thanx for the laugh, Bud!!!!!!!

Roger, I believe "Dirty" was referring to the parts of Texas That actually matter, as far as whitetail hunting goes that is.


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