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February 22, 2008


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It sounds like a great idea Mike, and I think it could be done. However, the down side of all this is the fact that these "shooters" ultimately end up killing themselves in the end. This may save some lives if the gunman is whacked down before he is finished.

With proper training, i'd support it. There are too many incidents lately. I am carrying right now in my office!

I'm all for it! A gun in the hands of a law abiding citizen is a definite deterrent for violent crime.

Mike, I think your heart is in the right place but I disagree with you on some points. First of all, what good does it do to issue these handguns to university staff only to not have them carry them? Locking them in a safe won't do anyone a bit of good if some nut comes in shooting. The professor won't have time to unlock the safe and get in the fight. Secondly, the universities should, along with the plan Mike has layed out, just allow those students and staff who have taken it upon themselves to get a CCW permit to carry on campus. It's a silly law. The people who have gotten the CCW permits are the GOOD citizens. Not ones that students and faculty have to worry about. I would also say that the people that have the CCW permits have already passed a complete background check and generally practice quite a bit in being competent with their weapon. Unless the universities want to get serious about providing security by placing armed officers in each and every building or classroom, the students and staff need to WANT to provide for their OWN safety. They should demand that the universities allow those with CCW permits to quietly carry on campus. BTW, some private universities are starting to do what Mike has written about already.

Chris, good for you! The People's Republic of Wisconsin doesn't feel we're responsible enough to provide for our own safety. But, someday we'll get it to pass.


The school's lawyers will all advise against this and say leave the security to the guards on campus. All it would take is one incident where a person took a firearm from an "academic marshall", killed someone and the lawsuits would be filed faster than the bodies are shipped to the morgue.

People think passing more laws (like microstamping ammo) will make you safer (it won't). Eleven states (including Indiana and Tennessee) have had bills introduced to make microstamping a reality. If you think ammo for handguns and AR's is expensive now, wait till this little jewel of a bill becomes law. And don't kid yourselves, microstamping slugs, hunting rifle ammo and .22 rimfires will be next.

With proper training I think it's a program with real merit. I just don't think the people running the campus' (and society) want the sheep to be able to protect themselves. They would rather clean up the mess and point fingers and continue to recruit more sheep until they have a majority of sheep that agrees it's time to take away the ability to protect ourselves.


No edit function!

Jstreet quote:With proper training I think it's a program with real merit.

I mean your idea of "academic marshalls" not the microstamping nonsense.


Mike, I forgot something else. My wife not only agrees with me, she bought me my last handgun which would be my CCW when we can get it passed. lol.

By the way, good topic. Very relevent and will get some good responses.

I don't think I would subscribe to the idea of creating any program. I think its a simple matter of allowing those citizens who have permits to carry them anywhere.

In Indiana, it just now became law that you can now carry in our State park property. Up until last year one could not.

I'm in SD, and it's ironic that a bill here was passed unanimously in the House but was shot down in the Senate to take down the gun-free barrier at SDSU, and the day after is when the shooting in Illinois occured at that particular college campus.
I agree that if there is no one in the very immediate area who is "carrying" where a shooting like this occurs, then it's too late. think about it, it would only take a matter of seconds to shoot dozens of people.

I live in Pa..there's a school directly across the street from my office..here no one may posses a firearm within 200 yds of an educational facility....I have one in my holster as I type this!!!!!...and judging by the deer I've seen hanging in neighborhood trees not too many of those homeowners take that law seriously.
Just whom could enforce such an idiotic law to begin with?

IMHO we should learn from history....let anyone wear a firearm whom is not a felon if they so wish. The best deterent to some sick SOB is knowing someone else is sane enough to blow his brains out.

I agree with Doug. Let anyone with a CCW carry, on campus. I went to University in Chicago and there were times when I wished I had had a gun. We lived right next to Cabrini Green, one of the worst neighborhoods in America. Fortunantly my school had a good report with the people from CG.

Nothing more to add! Americans have the right to defend themselves. Heck when I visit Illinois, I can not go in a gun store and check out the firearms because I don't have the "Firearms Card". What a state. Come visit GA

this is a great idea, as long as they are not new teachers(off the street)but they must have some kind of experience with guns too. But it is the concept as pilots carrying guns, they should know what they are doing.

Haven't read the other comment yet, but will...had to post this quickly...I am very much for the teachers carrying concealed weapons. I am against having to have them locked in a safe. When someone enters a class room shooting up innocent students, how many have to die before they let our professors carry. By the time another teacher unlocks the safe, gets to classroom where all the shots are being fired and sons and daughters are getting slaughtered, the damage is done...maybe she comes to a locked door and can't get in...all the while the gunman is killing those kids execution style. I am for students, after extensive training, background, etc., carrying a concealed weapon. Seriously! Do we honestly think that we would lose more students to weapons violence than we have in the last, what, couple years! This is a serious concern for me, as my kids will start going to college in 16 years. A long way away...heck no. I supposed by then those liberal college whackos will be saying; shower the gunman flowers, bake him a dang cake or something. I shouldn't write in an emotional state. This topic really gets to me. I want my kid packing, because when it really comes down to it, you can't trust anyone els with your own life.

After reading the comments, I see I am not alone. We seem to know that the most important right we have to defend ourselves, life and limb, and our property, family, etc. Your dang right to want our kids carrying. Like so many stated above, if you have a CCW, you've undergone the checks and such. Another thing that was touched on above; These crazies that are doing this won't give a rip if a few teachers here and there have a firearm or two locked up...they want to kill as many people as possible before they go down in thier "hail of glory", and plan on killing themselves anyway, so all the locked safes do is buy them time. Oh dear Lord. Does anyone else out there have really young kids who will have to face more and more of these situations by the time they go to college?

My kids are girls, but you can bet they will know how to handle a handgun if it is warranted when they are old enough.

You're not alone, Luke. I have kids about the age of yours. One boy 3 years old and one boy nearly a year old. There was an article on CNN.com yesterday about Utah being the only state that currently allows students/faculty with CCW permits to carry on campus. Let's hope more colleges follow suit.


I have a 10 year old son and an 7 year old daughter.

How do you keep from thinking and worrying about stuff like this happening?

Unfortunately, it's illegal in most states to carry a gun onto school property, yet the schools can't/won't protect the students.

What's the answer? I wish I knew.


Mike, I agree with your wife. I think you're crazy!! LOL!

I meant that in a "crazy" crazy kind of way. I think there is merit to your idea. I"ve been saying this for awhile. Why not fight fire with fire..so to speak?

The word deterrant is something that society doesn't have any longer. When I went to school I was afraid to say a cuss word in school. NOw, kids just say whatever they want..and there isn't really anything anyone can do about it. Teachers, Administrators, and Schools don't really have much power anymore.

Back in the day we used to pack our shotguns into our vehicles so we could go hunting after school. Now, a kid brings a gun to school for the same reason, and he's kicked out for the entire school year. Times sure have changed.

When will society change with the times?

check out front sight training school -

Good place for family training.

I may be sending my kids to Utah University in 16 years. Hats off to Utah.
In my town, there are still trucks with hunting rifles and such in them. Do we know its against that law? Probably...but we also have common sense a different upbringing. Its not the gun we fear here, it's Pops when we get home. I fear our future for our kids. Heck guys, we may meet in the halls of a college campus in Utah someday! Tell your boys my girls are too young for them...heh, heh!LOL

I meant trucks with guns in them at our high school...shhh...don't tell the liberals.

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