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February 20, 2008


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A true giant! Wow!

Congrats to the hunter!


You should check out Marty Sharps 20 pointer on the same website for a nice drop! He did one of the same things right, he was in stand all day.

I love it when people earn thier bucks. That is hunting, friends. How does a fella keep it together long enough to make a shot on a monster like that, I will never know. I get hammered when I shoot a doe!

you get hammered when u shoot a doe imagine that you need to shoot that doe in order to even have a chance at any buck thats the way Earn a Buck is and it makes kiling does that much sweeter

what if you had to pass the monster above because you had yet to shoot a doe how awful would that be!!!

That very well could kill a fella or have him admitted to a psych ward! And no one would believe you!

That is a great buck. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Great job, Dave!

WHAT A STUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is a hell of a buck! Great job. That sucker would get my adrenaline flowing from 200 yards with my trusty .25 WSSM let alone from 20 yards with a bow.

Thats one heck of a deer! He truely is what we all dream about! Very well done. Congrats. Ps, if you look close at the deers face it almost seems like hes grinning at you Mike.

What you guys didn't get hear was Dave unable to talk after he shot it. I was afraid he was going to fall out of his stand. LOL. He has been waiting for a shot like that forever and he definately deserved it. No sister could be prouder.

Wow, what a buck! You just never know whats going to happen and what you will see. Congrats!

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