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January 24, 2008


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cows come by my stand every once in a while, it's annoying as hell and it makes you think it is messing up the spot, but it's probably not in the long run.

i have had cattle follow me to the stand because they think the farmer is there bringing food (not ideal). I also missed the deer of a lifetime with my bow in a cattle pasture, that deer was hit by a
car and died in that same pasture the next year. he grosss scored 186" and netted 172 4/8, so the cattle that lived there didn't
bother that very mature buck! personally i don't like hunting pastures, but if that's
were the bucks are, i'll be there

I hunt in my familys cow pasture in south Arkansas with a lot of succes, mainley when they tend to the cattle earley in the mornings and late evenings,thats when i see the most buck movement.They seem to feel comfortable, just moving from one wooded area of the field to another.I dont think cows hinder them, more so humans.

On a related topic, I know of several old timers in Maine who swear you wont see deer where you see moose. You can show them all the sign they want, but if they see a moose they head to a different spot. None the less, I've seen deer and moose droppings almost on top of eachother, and have actually seen a tree rubbed by both a buck and a bull moose.


I think a lot of it is very situational. I hunted in Kansas two years ago and whitetails lived in areas that cattle had been pastured prior.

I hunt in Indiana on farms with smaller cattle operations and, while the two don't necessarily intermingle as much I don't think the cattle bother them so much.

If you hunt in an area devoid of cattle and then cattle are brought in there all of a sudden, it might cause some temporary concerns.

Overall I wouldn't worry...just hunt.

on my best bowhunting spot the landowners bring their cattle to the half section of riverbottom that i hunt every year in teh middle of nov. as the winter pasture. those first couple of weeks before the cattle show up are dynamite, but for the rest of the season after the cattle show up the deer are virtually gone.
i think though that it really depends on the size of the pasture. there seems to be enough cover and feed (corn stubble, browse, etc.), but i think they just move to the neighbors where they don't have to deal with the cattle. deer aren't going to lay next to them in the willows if they don't have to.

Josh, that is a good point, I def. think the size of the pasture/farm has a lot of do with it, the bigger the area with cows roaming around, the less it probably impacts the overall buck movement.

We hunt a cattle farm thats just over 300 acres w/ several hundred head of cows..how many exactly im not sure..a lot of the farm is pasture but with some pretty hard woods seperating the fields..that of course is where we hunt..some of the woods are fenced off but the areas that aren't the cows will come right in and feed in the acorns and undergrowth and stuff...the second biggest deer I've ever killed actually, huge bodied buck with a beautiful 8pt rack with an 18+/-inch spread was shot in a small woodlot with cows grazing around..there were actually two smaller bucks in there with him and some does..he chased em all(not the cows lol) till I could get a shot and he went down..hutning around cows don't bother me too bad..got a heck of a buck right there in a herd of em..doesn't cause a problem i dont think

For years I hunted a cattle pasture, at times the bovines would take a nap right under my stand. At first I got annoyed about the cattle intrusion but then I found that the deer didn’t bother about the cattle. I took a nice buck and several does of that property and each time cattle were present under my stand.


On an 80 acre farm that I hunt in SW Ohio, there is a crop field adjacent to a pasture. The field is a deer magnet in the early season. When the farmer opens the gate to let the cows feed in the crop field it's game over for deer hunting in that field.

A little cow shit might mask you scent, i have hunted around cows quite a bit, did not seem to affect the deer.

A little cow shit might mask your scent, i have hunted around cows quite a bit, did not seem to affect the deer.

my great uncles opening morning last year was ruined when the cows got out of the farmers fence and began to eat off his corn pile he though the deer we in by his stnad turns out it was cows we still laugh about it he was so angry he told the farmers he would shoot a cow and get it butchered if it happened again

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