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January 22, 2008


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I think I can honestly say thats one of the wierdest looking racks Ive seen in a while!! Giant nonetheless..would love to see some larger pictures of if at all possible to get a greater appreciation for this once in a lifetime megabuck!!

meant to tell you too Mike and all other readers, for a neat youth hunting story, go to www.northamericanwhitetail.com and read the story HAPPY TRANSGRESSION..really neat, should be on the home page if not type it in the search bar up top..really cool story and incredible buck

This buck is really impressive and unique! Big time congrats to Nelson!

That's a huge buck! Congrats Nelson! I'm with Cody, let's see some larger pictures of this monster so we can really appreciate it.

look at the neck on that thing!!!!!!!!Mikes right gotta love the rut!!!!!!!!grunt grunt

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