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January 18, 2008


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Out of all the ones I have found, I have only found one set like that. They were in a bedding area.
Great find. Not time for us here in Arkansas yet.

Steve, thanks for stopping by; send me some kind of cool shed find/story this spring that I can link back to your site, will be glad to do it!!

Other shed addicts who read this: visit Steve's blog at shedantler.net

I was shed hunting with my two brother in laws. We were walking some trees about 30 yards apart when my brother in law Ryan found a matching set about 3 feet apart. He was very excited. I had never seen anything like that. We usually have to wait until the snow melts in the spring to get out and shed hunt in South Dakota.

Luke, the largest set of sheds (and the only set I've found to date) were found in a bedding thicket and they were lying right on top of one another. That was probably the coolest feeling I've ever had...as far as shed hunting is concerned. They were pretty big too.

A friend and I were tracking the buck he had shot a few hours earlier (early Nov.) and in the exact little willow thicket were this buck had went to bed down we found the sheds from last year literally one laying on top of the other -- big, heavy 4x4 (140's)!! The property gets shed-hunted, but its a low area that must have been under water last spring.

Loving to hear your shedding stories everyone! I am checking this from beautiful AZ where the weather is fantastic! I was trying to guess how many paired sheds I have found, but don't really know...in the hundreds I am guessing! I am spoiled up in MT though...Most of the rest of you have so much cover EVERYWHERE that it is tough shed'n...then you have the rodents as well where it isn't a prob in MT. The farthest apart set of sheds that I have found was nearly 3 miles apart...I have found several a mile to two apart...usually lost as the buck moved to a better winter feeding area during the onset of snow...anyone else found any shed sets long ways apart?

Hey Luke, Looks like your alittle cold up there! I would love to see you find the sheds from the beast I shot under in sept! Cant imagine how much fun you have finding all those sheds year after year. Awesome! Good huntin my montanian brother.

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