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January 28, 2008


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That's the main reason I've resisted using cameras.

Having someone steal or trash them would totally pi$$ me off!

Hope the authorities pursue the case and the moron spends some time in jail.


I hope they nail that worthless pile of crap. I have no respect at all for anyone who steals from another. I had two cameras stolen when a vehicle that was driving, yes, driving by got their picture taken. The cameras mysteriously disappeared the next day. I had gone in to remove the cards on Sunday and one of the last pictures on both cameras was a couple of jerk offs in an SUV. The cameras were gone the next time I went in to check them. I turned the picture over to the Sheriff. He identified the vehicle as a local trouble maker but had no proof that he actually stole the cameras. Nothing was ever done. I was just out over $500. I have also gotten pictures of a guy who is hunting illegally. He knew the camera was there and just pulled down his ski mask as he walked by. VERY, VERY frustrating.

Hey Mike, its Vinnie from fla. It wasnt me! It wasnt me! Lol. On a serious note though, someone is always trying to steal something! Trail cams are great. You cant let these ass wipes make you scared to get one because their a great tool in the world of hunting these days. I use them and I too worry about someone trespassing and stealing mine. You need to make sure you have them password protected, use the locks and try not to leave them out in the most obvious places. I leave mine sometimes for a month at a time and I worry every time I get back up there to visit the property that my cameras are still there. I would think these knuckleheads that try to steal them must realize that by stealing them wont do you any good if you cant break the passwords to use them. It just dont make sense to me. Ps, if thier caught it should be mandatory jail time!

I havent had a problem in the last few years.I accidentaly Shot a fella at 50 yards with a number 5 12gauge turkey supreme on our lease bout 3years ago. Since that no treaspasing.

I hope they nail the guy but good. That sort of stuff just makes me angry.

ive got 2 cams each 100 a piece then all the hard ware memory cards bateries and solar rechargers ive got about 400 dollars into them i whould be hunting who ever down who stole um

We had a double seater tree-stand taken off of our 600 acres this year.
Turns out our taxidermist lives at the bottom of our "hill." He was telling my Dad and I that he thinks he knew who was poaching our land years before. The guy had to move on from the land he was hunting next to ours because he was thrown off. Our taxi- went incognito and wanted to see if this guy was baiting new property for bears (illegal here) he came across this beautiful double seater and wondered where the guy got his money??? Because he said he never worked a day in his life...We said describe it- he did right down to a piece of 2x4 our hunter had customized with. His jaw dropped when we told him it was ours!! He wanted to go to the guys door right then, we decided the right thing to do was to go to the NYS police. It's in the state police's hands at the moment, I'll keep you posted.

As far as Cams are concerned I'll have to get a pic of what one of our hunting partners made , or welded rather out of steel..


Don't bother calling anyone to report the people who have stolen your gear. I've done it twice. First time the guy said he found the camera and stand in the ditch. 2nd time the guy said he bought it from someone he had never met before in a bar parking lot. Nothing was done by the police either time. What works? I'll tell ya. Go get your gear back, and go redneck on the guys personal property. example- the snowmobile he used gets a chain put on it behind your vehicle, when you leave the snowmobile ends up wrapped around the tree on the side of his driveway. Feel free to also leave a note about how you let him off easy this time. The theft stops!I wish I knew which part of it was more suprising to the guy...the fact I violated his personal space (shed with my gear in it)) or that his theft mobile wasn't quite the same when he got home? I'm guessing the new lock on the shed made him think.(had to cut lock off)I replaced it so nobody would steal anything from him. I mailed him the keys for it. I know its not what you want to tell your kids to do... I've dealt with it two ways and we all know which one worked. What is really sad is I no longer trust anyone in the woods. Now I always have a hidden camera watching my own camera. The punishment that is due to a camera/gear theif will never be handed out properly by the law. I enjoy game cameras as much as I enjoy arrowing p&y bucks. A thief needs to know what's in store for them if they mess with a guys obsession. Just my opinion.

Im tryin to tell yall what realy works. . .shoot em

We also had a trespassing problem that we could not get any help on. So I chained up our camera during turkey season 2 years ago and caught two out-of-state poachers hunting turkeys and a truck load of local thieves taking a disc harrow!
Even with the pictures, the cops were VERY slow to do anything about it. So I just put both groups pictures up all over town along with the story! Not only did it keep the out of state poachers from ever returning to hunt anywhere near here, it quickly showed the locals we were serious about them too!
You can see the pictures here:

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