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January 28, 2008


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Looks like an old Bear bow to me.


The Rambo II bow was a Hoyt, There was quite a bit of advertising about it at the time.

But the bow with Stallone in this picture looks like a different riser.
If the link works the ad is about halfway down.


Here's another link if it doesn't link you might have to copy and paste.

It's an archery blog site that states that Stallone used a couple of different bows.
The original was the Hoyt mentioned above,
A Gamemaster, And a Matrix.
The current film is a Hoyt Provantage.

Supposedly from someone from Hoyt....

Yeah, I remember the old Hoyt Rambo. Pretty wild that he's still using that old icon. Check out the tear drops....too funny!

Looks like it's enhanced with HGH! - Oh, sorry, that's his gun!

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