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January 17, 2008


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The brow tines on the deer are ridiculous!

Congrats and enjoy!


hanback, i am worried about you man, too obsessed with the drop tine! what a buck, way to go chief!

Awesome buck! Ginormous is right. Didn't think they'd have bucks like that on Long Island. How much of it is not inhabited?
I had to laugh at the person who made this quote,
"He had one—a cougar or a leopard or something, its claws out, catching a gazelle. He shot both but it was designed to look like the cougar killed the elk. Over the top," another police source said.

I guess it doesn't matter that they changed what the animals were as long as they made sure to point out how inapporpriate the mount was. Where's that rolling eyes smilie when you need it.

That's a ginormous Long Island buck alright!! I'd have to have me a Ginormous Long Island Ice Tea after killing that one.

Way to go Chief!! Great buck!!

Doug: Can't be much open land left on LI--I've heard that guys bowhunt 3- to 5-acre parcels out toward the east end kill some good deer


It's not just along the coast. I've hunted some 5-10-15 acres parcels with a bow and seen a couple of really nice deer. The largest 8 pointer I've ever seen was behind a friends house on 5 acres (or less).

With sprawl and leasing, many hunters are going to be relegated to bowhunting only on small pieces. It can result in large buck sightings, but it can also be a pain due to the fact that tresspassing, kids, dogs, leaf blowers, lawn mowers, snow blowers and the rest of suburban noise do take away from the hunting experience.

But it beats not hunting.


It's funny where some of those big guys are turning up these days...I've been chasing a big 9 in my area (sorry no drop), I've seen him in the woods the last 3 years...This year didn't see him once, and thought he must have gotten killed...A few weeks ago driving past my grandmother's he was standing in her front yard. I almost swerved off the road...

Wow, that is a nice buck. Being from New Jersey, I'm kind of used to seeing nice bucks come from congested areas, but that one is pretty special. Would love to cross paths with something like that in the back yard.

That is one absolutely BEAUTIFUL rack!!! Congrats!!

nice buck i killed a 8-point this year

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