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January 27, 2008


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Nature and its crewl ways but a cool find non the less. Robert - 106 sheds in one season???? share your secrets! haha, its white gold to me but most I have found in one season is 22.

Never found one like that before. Crazy. Keep finding those sheds, bro!

Neat story but terrible to think that a magnificent buck like that died that way..terrible..lookin foward to those drop sheds though!

Got a question..just out of curiosity..I know a lot of you like to hear about kids shooting big bucks and I posted a comment a while back about the story on northamericanwhitetail.com title A Happy Transgression..really cool story about a young teens 1st whitetail..just wondering if any of ya'll have read it and if not..the go read it bc I really think all of you would enjoy it..

i also am a shed hunter doing it hardcore for about 3 years but i havnt found one yet deffinently still motivated

i know this is a little off topic but slugs, and slug guns are one of the most talked about things on the blog; hanback or anyone have you seen the new slug from remmington it is the wierdest "slug-thing" i've ever seen i love my corelokt ultras and they have a flatter trajectory than the new ones but i might have to test those new things out they just look so narly and the mushroom looks devestating

this will take you right to it


That's crazy that a buck would fall in a well like that. Where I hunt in CT there are actually a few old stone buildings that have to be well over 100 years old with trees growing out of them. I haven't found any wells, but I'm sure there are some around, I'll have to keep my eye out for some antlers sticking out.

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