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January 14, 2008


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sometimes...just for fun...i fry vegatables in bacon grease...just cuz...

these wack-jobs opperate in an entirely ficticous galaxy...

common sense isn't so common anymore...

Meat Eaters of the World, UNITE!!!!

If it ever came to these types of people having to survive purely by thier own means, it would be a short lived flailing of pathetic apetites with no instintive structure for the endurance of thier genetic pool. Dang...wouldn't that be fun to watch over couple of elk steaks and some Miller High Life. Can anyone arrange that?

Hanback quote:...but they don’t wear shoes or belts?

They don't wear belts because eating that watery diet of fruits and vegetables only gives you diarhea (and a belt would just get in the way). Diarhea leads to dehydration. Dehydration can lead to seeing mirages. Mirages can apparently lead people to understand PETA's whole philosophy.

Which means, PETA's philosophy is based on crap. Loose,watery crap, but crap nonetheless.


hanback you are the man, great post

Very good Jim!

Jim, that's hilarious!

What's up with the mouse, dog and monkey on there? Who in the hell eats them? They really need to put a deer, duck, or turkey up there.

Hanback, I love the part about our bovine burgers destroying the world. What a bunch of pasty-faced nutjobs.

Venison meatloaf for me tonight!

Hanback, You butchers should give better living a try. I suggest you go to http://blog.ygoy.com/2006/11/01/advantages-of-being-a-vegetarian/ .........and learn a little something about an alternative attitude and lifestyle that will lift up life and not destroy other animal species.


It's good to see dehydration hasn't kept you from blogging.

Good luck with your lifestyle. Now please excuse me, I've a burger to eat.


Hey Larry, I have a deal for you. If you eat some of my venison meatloaf, I'll try your "alternative attitude" and eat one of your freely and humanely organically raised soy burgers. We'll see which of us goes back for seconds. I did check out your blog. You have forgotten to write anything for over a year. Fall off the vegan wagon did we?

A lot of fun, blasting the Vegan`s to be sure, but how about a little seriousness.

Do they really support ending hunting and watching the herds and flocks of game animals dying long, drawn out deaths by disease and starvation? And they`re FRIENDS to these animals? They need to learn Biology 101, and understand what carrying capacity means.

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