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January 31, 2008


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I like the way it looks. It may not be traditional (and a bit pricey for my frugal ways) but apparently it's a shooter and that's what matters most.


Jim, I agree. I thought I would not like the look, but the more I carried it the more I liked what I saw. Frankly, I could not believe how well it shot, awesome. 270 wsm I really like

I think it looks pretty cool. Is it being produced at the FN plant (like the Model 70)? Might explain the euro styling a little. I like the satin finish dark wood. I've mentioned it before, I love the 270 WSM. Excellent deer caliber. It took me a couple years to find a bullet weight I like. I started with the 130 gr. Ballistic Silvertip and didn't care for it too much. Shot the 140 gr. Accubond last year and it was a huge improvement. I'm going to try the 150 gr. Supreme this coming year. What bullet did you chamber, Mike?

Oops. Just re-read your post. Might have to look at the 150 gr. Power Point as well.

the area i hunt is slug gun only so i have little experiece with rifles on deer the only one i own currently is a savage 17HMR i use for coyote and plinking

I was wondering what folks were thinking about that gun. The group you shot makes up for the lack of beauty. You have to send back the stuff you try out? That stinks.

Bowkill, sometimes I have to send them back, sometimes I buy them at a VIP deal, it just depends. Doug, I tried the basic 150 Power Points first and with that last group, I'd have been crazy to change!

I'd have to agree with you Mike. That's a pretty damn good group.

I shoot an old Rem. 742 I bought new in 1967. Shoots better than I do, but most likely not as well as the test rifle. I use a Rem 700 too and love them both so getting used to the pricey new one would mean minor adjustment- if I could afford it. Also, many states do not allow auto loaders (PA is one) I like mine and it's my go to gun.

I'm like you Mike...started and used primarily a bolt-action. Thanks for this review - makes me want to try one!

Those are some impressive groups for an autoloader. The Mule deer in the picture is even more impressive. I have always been a bolt action man. I inherited a Browning Bar in 30-06 made in Belgium a few years back. I sold it and bought a Remington 700 LSS in .300 RUM. Now the .270 WSM in a new Model 70 Stainless Synthetic with the fluted barrel would be more my cup of tea.

I bought a Super X last winter in 300 win mag. I used to shoot over 300 ground hogs last summer. It's an awesome rifle and I love it. I hand load my ammo and get one hole groups when I let it rest a few minutes to cool between shots. I read an ad that says they don't stay open after the last shot when you drop the magazine, but mine always does.

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