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January 29, 2008


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Never seen him before, sure as hell would have liked to walking under my stand--never seen brows like that, awesome

That looks just like the buck on the "Imperial Whitetail" clover advertisement.
Awesome brow tines.

Never seen him before. Would've remembered that rack.

is that main beam dipping down towards the end, or is that a drop?

Dirty, I think the main beam comes to like a T-handle shifter kinda thing..don't think its a drop..that is definitely the most wicked lookin set of browtines I think I've ever seen. my cousin shot a big 8 point a couple years back, real wide and tall overall..the brow tines were probably 9 or 10 inches long but the g2's and 3's were pretty short..huge bodied deer though and made a beautiful mount..this is a giant though and I would love to have a crack at one like it.

Just another thought..check out the neck and body on that sucker..thick deer

Awesome buck but if you want to see Hanback pass up a giant drop tine here you go... Haha, I had to Mike : )


doug been a long time how was the season and did that 11 point get shot during gun season or by you late bow?

Great S.D. buck right there. Also, that's the first time I've seen footage of your Iowa Hunt Hanback. Man, that drop was a S-T-U-D;but, so was the typical you killed. Also, that's the first time I've seen your piece on Jack Keihn's monster buck from Indiana. Cool stuff!!

A few of us have been saying for a long time that the Dakota's (mostly ND) have been a best kept secret for a long time as they are always monster bucks coming out of there...with all the shows being filmed there in recent years it isn't much of a secret anymore. Too bad. And What a buck! Hat's off to that fella. Is that Mossy Oak Brush he's wearing? Cool.

Hey Ian, how's it going? Nope, I ended up getting skunked this year. I only saw the 11 pointer the one time during rut and passed him up. I pulled my cameras about a couple weeks ago. With no food on our property I was't getting much for pictures. I will have to wait until they grow the antlers back in the late summer to see who made it through. I never heard any of the neighbors say anything about shooting bucks so maybe they all made it. Since my knee is improving so much I hope to get out and do some shed hunting in the next week or so.

sorry about the skunk doug I got a doe the first evening of bow season and never had a shot after that the rest of the year i'll be going out for sheds after i get all my college acceptance stuff figured out got wait listed at MArquette we'll see how it goes

this buck is good
i ve seen bigger in SD

Barry here, just wanted to let you know that I have only had the deer green scored so far, which was 212 3/8". Currently the antlers are being replicated and I should have the full body mount back in Clark by the end of the March. I'll keep you posted when I get an official score.

I was set up in a ladder stand between two tree rows next to a corn field. When I first saw the buck it was about 10 yds. from my stand. By the time I got the bow up and pulled back and released it was about a 23yd shot. I saw the awesome mess of antlers and figured this is the one on my trail camera, immediately took my eyes off the antlers and focused on making a vital shot on it. The deer ran off through the trees and crashed about 50 yards from my stand.

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