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March 18, 2008


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Those rage broadheads are nasty! I had a buddy shoot a doe with one this past season and the hole was impressive on both sides.

She ran about 30 yards and piled up. He's been hunting for close to 30 years and told me he's never seen a deer go down as quick from a broadhead (that didn't hit the spine).


That is a helluva deer! Illinois is awesome! I hunted Adams County (the county north of Pike) in '06 and it was unreal. I saw a ton of deer and killed a 200" monster. I killed him with a Rage head and the hole looked just like the one above. I wish I has an invite to hunt their every year! You better take him up on that offer, Hanback!

Let me know when you're going Hanback bc I'd love to tag along!! Awesome deer and lucky man to have harvested several monsters..unfair if ya ask me lol.

Bowkill, send in a picture if youve got one, would love to see it and congrats to ya!!

Don't know anyone who uses rage broadheads(we all use Thunderheads I think, they were recommended by the local archery shop) but my cousin killed his first one with a bow a couple seasons ago w/ my uncle filmin and dropped him in his tracks. Unbelievable video. Something he'll always to have too. Goin after my first one again this year and am going to try and get it on film if I can scratch up the money for a camera..


Forgot to ask, is it the rotation of the arrow along with the spread of the two-blade that creates such a hole?


i'm also looking at camcorders for the upcoming season the one i'm most intrested is the Panasonic - DVD Camcorder
Model: VDR-D50. It has 42 optical zoom from longer range shots. HANBACK a good post about do it yourself video tips would be great!!!

Hey Mike, Im a firm believer in having a back up plan so I just wanted to let you know if for some reason you have too many hunts and cant make that invite, I have no problem filling in for you in Illinois! I would be happy to do that for you.

Illinois rules for big bucks, but if you listen to the "experts" you'll hear that they're in dire straits over there. According to some, the outfitters aren't harvesting enough does and this is causing a huge overpopulation problem statewide.

All the while plenty of monsters continue to come from the Land of Lincoln.

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