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February 12, 2008


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i brought this up a while back on the blog but noone commented on it will definetly try it out this fall on some horicon marsh bucks

I've seen the ads for this new slug and it's very cool looking. It's also $4.00 a pop to shoot it.

Because of the cost of saboted slug ammo many hunters I know are either using their muzzleloaders for gun season or are going back to shooting the cheap foster slugs out of their old smoothie shotguns. You give up some range, but realistically most deer a killed @ less than 75 yards anyway and a smoothie can certainly do that.


i do think the prices of sabots are a little high but when i can shot out to 150 MAYBE 200 at that trophy buck and have 4 other back up shots just in case i'll pay a little to shot them instead of a muzzelloader plus from my experience with fosters they kill deer i shot 5 with them with em out of my smotthbore gun but alot of it is luck becuaase i cant git a 5 shot pattern under 6 inches

cost wise, it is like premium con.-exp. rifle bullets vs. standard soft points; both will kill a deer, but if you've only got a few days/weeks to hunt i say go for the high-dollar stuff (if it shoots well) to get an edge; most of the time you won't need it like Jim says--a buck will step out at 50 or 100 yards--but if he's out there like Ian says at 150 you'll be glad to have the premium stuff. that said, $4 a pop is damn steep for one slug, i confess that I didn't even look at the cost!

Well well. I just put a rifled canilever barrel on my Browning Gold. I live on the edge of two counties that are shotgun only and wanted to be able to run out and hunt on short notice and not have to drive up to our land 2 hours away. I'll try them out this summer. They're pricely but, as I tell my wife, "At least I'm not spending it in a bar".

Hey mike, much better reading the 1st comment 1st, then scroll down for the rest. Works better for me. Killer sabot! Costly on the overall but your not gonna use nearly as much ammo during muzzelloader season.

Looks cool, I am up for trying it. Archery- I shoot Easton Full metal jackets tipped with a rage 2 blade broad head followed by a lum-a-nock. Talk about price there. I shoot the rage because it is simply destructive! $ 10 a head and I havnt been able to reuse one yet. $ 4 for a sabot good out to 200 yards... sounds cheap :) Some might say you can reuse the arrows for a while but if you spend the same $140 for a dozen arrows on sabots you wouldnt use them all, unless your going to shoot up your 3d mosquito with them... haha


Hornady has the SST's that for some reason
shoot way damn more accurate out of my Mossberg 695 slugger compared to Winchester's and Remington's tipped slug copies. They (Hornady's) just smack the big ones like being hit by a big bore rifle bullet.

What the manufactures need to do is design the shotgun cartridge much like a standard rifle bullet and beef up the breech on the
rifled shotgun barrel.That way we could essentially be hunting with a 12 or 20 gauge rifle!!! 200 yards....no problem.


Eric- you want to see the danger of shooting a 12-20 gauge shot gun? Imagine this type of energy from your deer stand....


ment to say 12 or 20 gauge rifle...

I'm with Eric on this one. I also don't worry about the cost of shotgun slugs because I'm looking for the best accuracy, etc. out of my slug gun combo. We spend all the money on great equipment (gun, scope, synthetic stock, etc.), so why worry about the cost of the ammo? It's like buying a high end bow and shooting cheap arrows out of it. To me, that just doesn't make sense. The new Remington looks pretty good. I'm gonna test it out of my Remington this off season. Hanback, you going to shoot this new load on your shotgun hunt(s) next year?

The video doesn't have anything to do with shooting shotguns from treestands....?????

Dean- It shows recoil generated from .577 caliper rifle and Eric mentions a 20 gauge or 12 gauge rifle? I just do not see how if you designed a shotgun to shot a rifle type cartridge how you would keep the recoil manageable in a treestand. I was not diggin at Eric, just dont see it as practical. Your thoughts?

I applaud Remington, Hornady and other companies for trying to push the envelope in slug hunting but I have to ask if anyone has ever seen a video, an ammo test in a magazine or any proof that shows acceptable, repeatable accuracy with a slug gun (shot by a human being) @ 200 yards?

I've never seen it. Two years ago Hornady said it could be done, last year it was Hastings with their 3.5" 20 gauge load, this year it's Remington.

If it can't be done by professional shooters off a bench, how can joe average deer hunter hope to achieve that accuracy in the field out of a treestand?


Deano, yes, I plan to shoot the bad-ass lime green space age slug next fall for $4 a pop if it shoots well in my "beast" gun--hope I draw in Iowa again, big drop still out there. I talked with Judd Cooney (on whose land I hunted) and he never saw the drop last fall. nobody killed him, Judd would have heard!

Mike, I have a new rallying slogan for you in your quest for a drop "Drop the Drop"!!!

Very original, huh?

To whomever is the "mystery poster" (no name to go with). I shoot a 12 gauge with 2 3/4" slugs. Some folks complain about recoil, and that's fine. I personally love shooting a slug out of a big bad shotgun. I can't remember the last time I even felt the recoil out of my slug gun when shooting at a deer. On the range? Yeah, I feel it, but don't let that stop me from practicing. So far the farthest I've ever shot a deer was 137 yards with my slug gun. I used the tree I was in to help stabilize my gun. My brother, Dan, uses a set of inexpensive synthetic shooting sticks to stabilize his rig. No big deal...

Dean- I also do not recall the last time I felt a round going off shooting a deer. Our "mystery poster" does not seem to be arguing that but instead arguing the same gauge translated to caliper in a rifle would not be as "forgiving" and I see their point.

Eric had mentioned just this in his post - "what manufactures need to do is design the shotgun cartridge much like a standard rifle bullet and beef up the breech"

Eric, if your still reading this post, is that what you ment?

Dean, Do you believe a 20 or 12 gauge rifle would kick the same as our 2 3/4 shotgun rounds?

Mystery poster, who are you????

I'm back......

Ever shoot a bolt Mossberg with any 12 gauge slugs?? IT KICKS....but hey , I can and over the years successfully down some great deer with it...and the range at what they were taken at was/is just amazing! There will be a day when Benelli or the likes will pair up exclusively with an ammo maker and have a true 200 yd,. slug gun.
Heck...if Benelli got a hold of "T-REX", they could tame that thing to a puppy kiss!

The bullet does not have to be a full 20 or 12 gauge caliber....it(the cartridge or shell) will be designed more like that of
rifle cartridge.....and with a spire point
having a rubber tip like the new Hornady .308" Leveler rifle
cartridge.....that way it can be chambered and cycled thru various shotgun actions.

Believe me MH , I've had my share of dream
bucks "just" out of range only because they were/are shotgun only deer hunting states.
Oh, and drop the Drop beast with Rem's green streak and invite us all over after the kill!

...once the 200 yd. slug / shotgun combo parades in front of us....the shotgun
only states may as well "cave" in and pull
the rifles out.


really with all the improvemtns in slug amuntition i have more confidence with my slug gun that using my other rifle in the northwoods that i only use once a year plus slugs drop em deer like mad and leave some huge holes

O.K. I misunderstood the video. Thanks for clarifying it for me.

Looks like not any posts on this site in a while, but just so everyone knows. Natchezss.com had the Accutip slugs for $10.33 a box right now and in stock. I just bought 10 boxes while they can still be had for that price. Should last me a fairly long time, and at $2 a pop, they are competitive with anything else on the market right now.

Mike, thanks for the info. This is just the thing I need for my father-in-law's birthday (he loves to shoot, so ammo is always a good idea; normally I get it from http://MilitaryShooters.com ....). I'm just curious, but why did you pass on the Iowa giant? It's probably the same one that took out my dad's car!

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